Photo: Julianne Borgen.Photo: Julianne Borgen

The Ambassador at Session on Landslide Risk Management

On Tuesday 22 November 2016, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) hosted a seminar titled ‘Application of Drone Technology for Landslide Risk Management’ at Swissôtel Nai Lert in Bangkok. The session was a part of the Regional Meeting under the Asian Program for Regional Capacity Enhancement for Landslide Impact Mitigation. The conference aimed to bring together technical experts and decision makers to discuss and exchange knowledge about the use of drones in landslide risk management.

Ambassador Kjetil Paulsen joined the session of the conference by giving some opening remarks. The Ambassador emphasized that one of the focuses of support from the Norwegian government is on bringing scientific approaches and expertise in disaster risk management. Landslides have created substantial damage to infrastructure of people’s livelihoods in many parts of Asia, and the Ambassador highlighted that while indigenous knowledge plays an important role in protecting lives from the threat of landslides, science and technology can further enhance the forecast and detection of landslide. The Ambassador also expressed his appreciation to the experts from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. They have been working closely with ADPC to improve landslide risk management in several countries in Asia.

The Norwegian government has had a partnership with ADPC for almost a decade, and views ADPC as a dedicated partner with understanding of the needs of the countries in Asia.

The Ambassador giving his opening remarks. 
Photo: Julianne Borgen.
The Ambassador giving his opening remarks.. Photo: Julianne Borgen 

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