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Norway’s official websites abroad

Greetings from the Ambassador

Welcome to the website of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok.

Our mission is to promote and safeguard Norwegian interests through providing assistance to Norwegian individuals and businesses, and strengthening relations between government institutions, organizations, companies and people in Norway and Thailand. The Embassy in Bangkok is also responsible for handling Norway’s bilateral relations with Cambodia.

Multilateralism, respect for international law, peaceful settlement of disputes and the merits of economic cooperation are cornerstones of Norway’s foreign policy.  As an outward-looking trading nation, which is globally engaged in energy and climate issues and maritime affairs, as well as being a major foreign investor, Norway has a significant presence in South East Asia. Relations between Norway and Thailand are strong. Siam was one of the first countries to recognize Norway’s independence in 1905, and HM King Chulalongkorn visited Norway in 1907. Since then, ties have continued to develop, and today we have a modern relationship built on trade, tourism and other mutual interests.

Bilaterally and in multilateral fora, Norway and Thailand are working together on global issues such as climate change, energy security, human rights and health. Our relations are also characterized by people-to-people connectivity. More than 150 000 Norwegians visit Thailand every year, and several thousand have either settled down permanently or spend the winter months in Thailand’s favourable climate. The number of Thais living in Norway is also considerable. Trade relations are continuously expanding and many Norwegian companies have chosen to be present and invest in Thailand.

On this website, you can find more information about Norway and our relations with Thailand and Cambodia. You can also read about the Embassy and what we do. I hope that you will find it useful. You can also find us on Facebook, or e-mail us on .

Katja Christina Nordgaard,
Norwegian ambassador to Thailand and Cambodia