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Medical research in rural Cambodia.

Last updated: 16.06.2014 // Since 2010, Norad has supported a pilot project to build local research capacity for health workers in remote rural areas in Cambodia.

The project is implemented by the Tromsø Mine Victim Resource Center (TMC) and the Trauma Care Foundation - Cambodia (TCF-C). In June 2014, 16 public health workers from North-West of Cambodia, including six midwives, three MD doctors, three medical assistants, one blood bank technician and three nurses, presented their research findings to a seminar in Battambang. The seminar was opened by Norway’s Ambassador to Cambodia, Katja Nordgaard.

The main aim of Tromsø Mine Victim Resource Center is to develop new and evidence-based models for trauma care and maternal and perinatal health in the South. All interventions are designed and implemented according to scientific standards. Studies in the minefields of Cambodia document that trauma care is more than pure medical interventions. Survival depends on a structured social response by the affected communities. Immediate life support by trained local first helpers reduces mortality. Their action is focused on rural communities and always conducted on their terms. Their philosophy is that training and treatment should be based on local standards and local technology, not expensive Western standards. Read more about TMC’s activities on traumacare.no.