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Appointment Needed for Visa Applications

Last updated: 25.04.2013 // You need a prior appointment before submitting an application for Schengen Visa or Residence Permit to Norway. Special circumstances in November 2013.

NB. From November 14th biometric prints (fingerprints) will be implemented on all visa applications. Because of this, the Visa Center will not accept applicants without appointments from 11th - 30th of November 2013. If you are thinking of applying for a visa in this period, we advise you to register an application online and book an appointment now.

More information on the biometric printing (VIS-system) will be published.

Appointments can only be made online, as part of the registration on Application Portal Norway. Because of the high number of visa applications, applicants without an appointment will only be accepted if they arrive at the Visa Center before 10:00 AM. This also includes group tours.

Applicants without an appointment will have to wait until those who have an appointment have been served. They are therefore strongly advised to make the appointment online. In most cases you will be able to get an appointment as early as the next day. A scheduled appointment can easily be cancelled and changed via the Application Portal Norway.

You as an applicant can shorten the waiting time at the Visa Center by making sure you have prepared the documents properly, according to the checklists posted on the Embassy’s web site. For visa applications in particular, make sure of the following:

  • Put all documents in the same order as on the checklist, with documents from the Thai applicant first, then the documents of the Norwegian reference person. Make sure you have bought the mandatory  Travel/Medical Insurance.
  • Remove ALL STAPLES from all supporting documents, since the documents will be scanned at the Embassy.
  • Print only the Cover  Letter from the Application Portal, and attach a picture to it. There is no need to print the actual application form, since that information already is available electronically at the Embassy.
  • There is normally no need to submit documents that are NOT listed on the checklist. In particular, visas will NOT be granted based on exchanges of e-mails or SMS or Skype conversations between the applicant and the reference person.

All applications should be submitted at the Norwegian Visa Center operated by VFS Global at Alma Link Building, 12th floor, Chitlom BTS station – not at the Embassy. We also remind you of the warning we have issued against using any of the visa agents that are operating in the vicinity of the Visa Center and elsewhere.

For more information on the application process and documentation requirements, see this link.